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MichiganPhysics is the home of the Physics History Project which is gathering historical records of the Physics Department in celebration of the upcoming 200th anniversary of the University of Michigan in 2017.

Our audience includes faculty, staff, students and, most particularly, alumni of the department. We also believe that this website will be of interest to the many who have spent time in our department as a postdoc, as a research scientist, or as a faculty member. And we want to include those who feel themselves to be friends of the department, perhaps from research collaborations or other overlapping interests.

Another purpose of this site is to encourage donations to the Physics Department.   As described on the memorabilia and donations page, we will recognize donations by gifts of memorabilia (scientific instruments, rare books, important papers) related to Michigan Physics.


At the top of the page you will see a bar of links to the top-level pages of the site, including this page and “Browse History” that will allow you to browse the historical records by person, by topic, or by year. The bar also includes “People,” “Academics,” and “Research,” all of which provide links on these topics both contemporary and historical. Finally, the top bar includes the page on memorabilia and donations.

The bar at the left will give you links to pages in your current section; the navigation has a nested hierarchy of more specific pages inside more general pages, similar to how folders work in most operating systems.

While browsing the history the timeline will be accessible to browse the history by year. From any page you can always click on the heading “MichiganPhysics” to return to this home page.

Click here for more details about the Physics History Project and the people who make it possible.