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Below we give the text (but not yet the tables and figures) of the book that Bill Parkinson and I put together for the department’s celebration of its centennial.  This derives substantially from the earlier history written by Charles F Meyer, George A Lindsay, Daniel L Rich, Earnest F Barker, and David Dennison, a writing that emphasizes the times prior to WWII.  Parkinson and I then gave an overview of the years until 1989, but much was given far briefer treatment that deserved.  Augmentation and amplification are needed, and as a first step we  add Sam Krimm’s more recent material on the development of biophysics at Michigan.

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  1. esther goudsmit

     /  January 7, 2014

    Dear Jens,
    Please add at least one Table, Summer Symposia, to your History of Physics, it is an essential part of early history. Please do this now.


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