Honoring Dick Crane and Peter Franken

To honor the enormous contributions of Dick Crane and Peter Franken to our department, we have installed bronze portrait busts of them in the 4th floor conference rooms (4246 and OPIL) of New Randall Lab. The sculptor is Liz Zorn, the sister of Jens.
1 7294A-86A-Franken-Crane
–Among his many accomplishments, Crane was recognized for the first (1938) quantitative measurement of neutrino momentum, for accelerator development, for his theory that explained the spiral structure of DNA, for the first measurements of the magnetic moment of the free electron, and for his leadership of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

–Peter Franken was a guiding spirit over the years 1956-1972 for Michigan’s large and active group in atomic and molecular physics; among his many accomplishments at Michigan, we particularly recall his his work in level-crossing spectroscopy, his leading the team that opened the field of non-linear optics, and his irrepressible joie de physique that inspired dozens of students and faculty.


1 7286A_Crane-Composite4x6-400

1 7293A-94A-Franken2X-5x7-400

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  1. JaJenney

     /  September 3, 2014

    Jens This is wonderful. My congratulations to your sister and to you..




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